Press release: recognition of the global tasting elite

The products of the company Savushkin product (the only dairy companies in CIS) awarded the highest award "Three gold stars" (of three possible) of the International Tasting Competition the Superior Taste Award (Belgium).

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the prestigious international competition in the field of food quality "Superior Taste Award" by International Institute of taste and quality (ITQI) in Brussels, took place on 2 June 2016 in Brussels (Belgium). For the food industry this event is matched in importance only by the Oscar and Grammy awards in cinematography and music. Its purpose is to promote high quality and gourmet food in the world.

2016 has set a record for number of participants. 1859 the world's leading brands in the industry of food and beverages from 83 countries presented their best products for judgement to cooking expert: 125 chefs from 15 of the most prestigious international associations and restaurant guides Michelin and Gault Millau.

The third consecutive year as the best among the best recognized natural dairy products of a favorite Belarusian market the company Savushkin product.

This year the highest rating the prestigious European competition "Three gold stars" (of three possible) received Greek yogurt "Savushkin".

Nicholas Tsiknakos one of the members of the tasting Committee noted his impression of this product so: "a nice, light, lovely flavor of real yogurt. Amazing color and great creamy texture. Very original flavor. I was pleasantly impressed".

Cheese is special and one of the most competitive categories in the European market, is having here the centuries-old tradition of production, surrendered before the Golden cheese brand "Brest-Litovsk": evaluation of the high jury "Two stars for the wonderful taste." "Two gold stars" for great taste received two-layer yogurt "Savushkin". For a good taste is "Tvorozhny Lomtik marked of "Gold star " Superior Taste Award".

"We are very pleased to see a constant growth in the quality and improvement products of Belarusian dairy company Savushkin product. We are glad that Belarus is reaching a higher level and not to yield to other European countries, neither the quality nor the taste. International Institute of Taste and Quality aims to differentiate products with excellent taste, so we talking about to the world that the dairy products from the company Savushkin product has received the highest recognition from the best European chefs, commented Christian De Bou (Christian De Bauw), co-manager of the International Institute of Taste and Quality (iTQi) in Brussels.

Three stars of the Superior Taste Award are awarded only to those products that successfully pass testing three different formulations of the international contest jury with the average of 90% or higher and receive the title "Exceptional". Products submitted to the contest are evaluated in the private tasting i.e.blind tasting: the tasters have not information about brands and countries of origin. Each member of a large jury gives own assessment of appearance, aroma, texture, taste and aftertaste of presented products.

"Our company wins the highest award of the prestigious European competition "Superior Taste Award for the third consecutive year. This is prove that the dairy products company Savushkin product conform to international quality standards and with honor to compete with the world's leading brands. A gold star from the hands of chefs and restaurant guides Michelin is a great appreciation of our work. And for consumers it is the unique certificate of quality and the best recommendation from tasting the world's elite," said Elena Babkina, Deputy General Director of JSC Savushkin product.

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