Super force for Superheroes!

The whole world turns around children. Each moment is full of unbelievable discoveries and brings unforgettable impressions. A child's day seems to be a child's play for us. But it is actually very significant for a little man and is full of undoubtedly important activities: to go through the holes of the Universe, having rolled down from a mega slide in the yard, or to create an "elixir of youth" for an adored granny, having lent some ingredients from mummy's make-up bag.

And today the super active and amusing chipmunk Kid is in a hurry to accompany your child in its adventures. The true friends get easily down to every task, no matter how incredible they are. The Kid will always give a hand to his restless friend: to play with a ball on the playground - cool, to go skating or roller skating - just Super! But each adventure requires energy and force. The Super force! The source of such extra power can be found in "SuperKid", a novelty from Savushkin product - dairy products line for kids, enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

A child is growing, and it means, that it is making its way very quickly from crawling on the floor to sitting at a school desk, and is learning a great bit of useful skills: from lacing up its own shoes to inventing incredibly "true" stories. And each mum is going with pleasure through all this way together with her child. Moreover, there are also important changes in the child's organism - all the organs and the systems in the body continue developing. There can be observed jumps in the growth, which create additional load onto locomotor system. That is why, it is very important to pay special attention to physical exercises and well-balanced nutrition during the period of intensive growth and the formation of skeleton.

Pediatricians from their side recommend including sufficient quantity of milk and dairy products into the child's ration, because they contain calcium - the necessary element for the bone building. The lack of calcium reflects itself in weakness, fatigability, disturbances in the growth and in the development of a child's immune system.

Therefore, the fermented dairy products "SuperKid" are developed caring about the children's health. The specialists of the company have found an optimal quantity of calcium for each dairy product out of the kid's line. Calcium is a unique mineral, which can be obtained only with food, depending on the demand of the growing organism, so that to have strong skeleton and healthy teeth. But calcium itself is not enough for the normal bone building. In order to enhance its absorption, it is necessary to receive vitamin D, which is also called "sunny" vitamin, as its synthesis is carried out through the exposure to sunlight. And only a small amount of it can be received from food. To obtain the needed quantity of this vitamin, a child needs to spend at least 30 minutes per day in the sun during the whole year. But in some climatic zones this task becomes impossible to fulfil. It can be so, that there are few sunny days for about half a year. That is why, yoghurt and curd paste from the new dairy line for kids, additionally fortified with vitamin D, are a rich source of "sunny energy" for the whole year round.


As all the rest of the company's produce, the kid's line is made only out of natural high quality milk without using artificial colourants and aromatizers. Due to the modern technologies in the manufacturing of dairy products, the living yoghurts and curd pastes "SuperKid" do not contain preservatives and keep the maximum benefits from cow's milk.

The products "SuperKid" are not only healthy, but also extremely delicious due to the fruit fillers made from natural ingredients. Now, there is no need to persuade a little choosey eater to eat "just one more spoon". The new dairy desserts will cater for each taste. The dainties with the most beloved by children berries and fruit, in a colourful packaging with a cheerful hero, just magnetize the kids to the dairy shelves. It also brings pleasure the parents, who are confident now, that together with yoghurts and curd pastes "SuperKid" their children will grow up joyfully, captivating and interesting. And together with a new chipmunk friend your kid will become a Super hero, who can cope with any task and achieve many targets.

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