Three stars out of three possible

JSC Savushkin product - the only dairy company out of CIS countries, that received highest awards of the International degustation competition «Superior Taste Award» (Bruccels, Belgium) -"Three golden stars" out of three possible for superior taste. It is a unique vote of confidence, taste and quality.

The degustation competition «Superior Taste Award 2015" - an authoritative event in the sphere of food quality, held annually by the International taste and quality institute (ITQI), and as regards its significance, the competition can be compared to "Oskar" and "Grammy" in cinema and music. The difference between them is that the aim of the organisation, as well as the competition "Superior Taste Award" itself is the promotion of refined high quality food in the whole world.

It is already not for the first time that the produce of Savushkin product along with the goods of the leading world brands such as Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Heineken, were estimated on a blind basis by the recognized experts: 120 best chefs out of 15 most authoritative world associations and restaurant guides Michelin and Gault Milau.

“It’s a great pleasure to present once again the highest awards for the superior taste to Belarusian company Savushkin product, recognized by the ITQI jury – the top renowned European chefs!” -points out the member of the jury, a chef Alan Coxon BBC Chef (Great Britain). – “This is really a fantastic achievement not only for the management of the company, but for all the staff – an excellent corporate work toward quality! It is the best proof, that the manufactured by the company produce complies with the highest global standards”.

So, due to the strict procedure and impartiality of the jury, the number of the awards, held by Savushkin product, was extended by: two highest awards of the competition - "Three stars for superior taste" (two-layer yoghurt "Savushkin" and sliced cheese product "Tvorozhny lomtik"). Cheese, a special and one of the most compatible categories on the European market, having ages-old traditions, was also won by the golden cheese brand of the company - "Brest-Litovsk". The estimation results of the highest jury -"Two stars for superior taste".

The co-manager of the ITQI Christian De Bauw evaluated the results of the company's participation in the competition as follows, “The history of Savushkin product achievements in the prestigious international degustation competition «Superior Taste Award» begins in 2014. It is the first Belarusian dairy company, which has received awards directly from world renowned professionals in the field of nutrition. And this year it has become the first and the only company out of the CIS dairies, which has achieved highest awards - three stars out of the three possible. It's the best evidence that, while trusting and making preference towards the produce of Savushkin product, the costumers get the best”.

"The European customer already knows both our traditional dairy products as well as our dessert group: yoghurts and cottage cheese desserts, which we have been supplying to the EU market about two years. (By the way, we are the only Belarussian dairy company, which has made its way to the European market!) The highest awards of this prestigious degustation competition show that the company Savushkin product has managed to uncover new shades of superior taste of dairy products to the masters of the world’s cookery. It is wonderful news and an additional unique quality certificate both for us and for our customers!" - pointed Elena Babkina, the deputy general director for PR of JSC Savushkin product.

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