Savushkin Product for the Nation’s Health

Having determined protection of Belarusian people’s health as its priority, in 2005 the company launched a large-scale project «Savushkin Product for the Nation’s Health!» Its main objective is promotion of healthy eating principles and healthy lifestyle.

In 2007, Savushkin Product launched a pilot marketing project Montik the best Friend / School Milk.

Within the sports development support campaign in our country, in March, 2006 PJSC Savushkin Product became an official partner of the 2nd International Youth Football Tournament, in 2007 — a partner of the action «Youth for Health and Development».

In the recent years Savushkin Product has taken an active part in exhibitions «Healthy Lifestyle Promotion» in Brest.

To study the physiological properties of dairy products, and get recommendations for an optimal formulation of products with the most useful physiological properties Savushkin product in 2007, the beginning of a long-term cooperation with the Institute of Physiology, National academy of Sciences, the Republic of Belarus.

Since a beginning of 2009 launched a new information project of Savushkin Product Healthy Nutrition School.