Is it true that sterilized milk is as healthy as pasteurized milk, and which product is better to choose?

All milk undergoes treatment, i.e. it is pasteurized or sterilized. To get a qualified answer to this question and not to be confused in selecting a product, we asked an expert — Vasili Tsygankov, Head of Nutrition Hygiene Department at Belarusian National Scientific and Practical Hygiene Center:

"What is pasteurization? It is repeated heating of liquid up to 760?. This is a long process, so some unstable substances, for example, vitamins, microelements and, unfortunately, a part of proteins are disintegrated. New sterilization methods allow retaining much more nutrients. Actually milk is a major source of protein, calcium, lactose, and fats, but not of microelements or vitamins.

All human enzymes are built from protein. Protein is indispensable for us during all our lives. Milk protein is considered a reference. It has the most balanced combination of amino acids, including nine irreplaceable amino acids that are not synthesized in the body. They can be obtained only with food. Besides, milk fats are easily assimilated. Personally, choosing this or that dairy product I look at fat contents. Animal fats are necessary for the body. Our cell membranes are pure lipids. That is why it is so important to select a high-quality, reliable product from a wide range.

Sterilized milk retains all useful properties of natural cow’s milk. European scientists have proved that sterilization allows retaining the maximum of natural milk taste, colour and nutritional value. Ultra-heat treatment used by Savushkin product for producing sterilized milk is an elite processing technique, and the product is worth of highest estimation because it using high raw product quality, advance manufacturing technologies and advance production equipment.

Actually, by taking off the skin (that children especially do not like) from boiled milk, along with the skin we collect and remove all useful properties of milk. Therefore it is very important that Savushkin Product’s sterilized milk can be drunk without boiling, even by children.

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