How healthy is soft curds “Nezhny” in comparison with classic curds?

Soft curds "Nezhny", as well as other kinds of curds, is considered a universal product and is specially valuable because of large contents of irreplaceable amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, including microelements. Protein plays an irreplaceable role in the body functioning, as it builds the structure of all cells. Minerals (calcium and phosphorus) contained in curds are necessary for normal cardiac and central nervous system activity and osteogenesis. Fat contained in curds replenishes the energy spent by the person.

In comparison with classic curds, soft curds “Nezhny” has more homogeneous texture and unusually mild and delicate taste. This product is made by ripening high-quality milk with bacterial sour and separating whey. The separation process in soft curds production is a new solution for making products on its basis.

Soft curds "Nezhny" contains valuable milk protein, calcium and phosphorus. It is produced from natural cow’s milk without preservatives. In the manufacturing process this product is not heat-treated, which results in high quality and useful properties of the product during its shelf life. The range of goods includes non-fat soft curds "Nezhny" and soft curds with 10% fat, so you can have it daily or use as a dietary product.

Also, soft curds is a base for original curd desserts made by Savushkin product — paste “Naslazhdenie” with fruit filling, “Naslazhdenie premium and "Montik" with slices of berries and fruit.

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