Why is it important to have products enriched with bifidobacteria?

Bifidobacteria in the gastrointestinal tract are essential for normal body functioning, irrespective of age and lifestyle. They take upon themselves a part of body’s major functions. Along with other beneficial intestinal bacteria, bifidobacteria take an active part in digestion and absorption. For example, they maintain gastrointestinal microflora balance, prevent pathogenic putrefactive intestinal bacteria growth, which is a vital condition for protecting the body (especially for children and teenagers) from intestinal infections. They participate in synthesis and absorption of vitamins B, vitamin K, folic acid, promote synthesis of irreplaceable amino acids, better digestion of calcium salts, vitamin D, and have antianemic, antirachitic and antiallergic properties, strengthen and support immune resistance.

Lack of bifidobacteria in microflora results in dysbacteriosis. Thus food digestion and absorption is impaired, which can result in oligotrophy, anemia, hypovitaminosis and fermentopathy. Dysbacteriosis can develop due to different factors: environmental pollution, stresses, unbalanced diet, long treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs, fatigue, increased background radiation etc.

Sour-milk products enriched with bifidobacteria and lactobacteria play a major role in preventing dysbacteriosis. Usually the name of such products contains a prefix "bio" and they have over one million bacteria per one milliliter. Savushkin product produces a wide range of products enriched with bifidobacteria: bioyogurt with  fruit and berry filling, bioyogurt sugarfree, biokefir "Energia Dnia", sour cream enriched with Lactobacillus bulgaricus, dense yogurt and yogurt drinks from the children's series "Montik".

You can see this list includes both dessert and conventional products, which enables selecting a useful product to suit individual taste and varying daily diet with yogurts and other sour-milk products.

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