Are your company’s products safe and how is raw material quality monitored?

Milk is supplied to the company by 64 farms comprising PJSC "Savushkin product’s" supply chain. The supply chain includes areas adjacent to Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. At present, 80% of the milk supplied to the company is of superior and extra quality. Significant factors in ensuring raw milk quality are modern European cattle loose housing methods, computerized milking, reduction of manual labour ensuring absence of direct contact of product with man.

Initially, the milk quality is supervised directly at the farms. Laboratory experts at the farms monitor compliance with sanitary regulations during milking and perform initial milk control according to basic parameters: density, proteins, and water content.

The raw laboratory at the plant is equipped with Kombifoz labware. The optical analyzer can make 200 tests per hour and monitor milk quality according to such physical and chemical parameters as freezing point, dairy solids, somatic cells etc.

As to radiation control, strontium is monitored monthly and cesium is monitored twice a year in incoming raw materials. One should note that during two years, no increased radiation background in PJSC "Savushkin product’s" supply chain was found.

To confirm quality and competitiveness of finished goods, "Savushkin product" undergoes not only mandatory, but also voluntary state health registration and certification in the national conformity attestation system. The work on certifying according to GOST R (the Russian Federation) and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) is under way to enable entering new markets.

PJSC "Savushkin product" was the first in Belarusian milk sector to introduce and certify the ?????-based quality and safety system. The quality of products is ensured also by the efficient quality management system developed according to STB ISO 9001. In 2009, PJSC Savushkin product was certified according to ISO 22000. In 2008, "Savushkin product" was one of first in Belarus to receive the right to label its goods with the mark “Natural Product", which is an authoritative proof of safety of its products for the customer

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