Ultrapasteurized milk «Savushkin»
  • Fat content - 1,5%, 3,1%, 6%
  • Net weight - 1l
  • Packaging - Tetra Brick Aseptic
Ultrapasteurized milk «Savushkin» is made from whole cow’s milk without preservatives by ultra heat treatment method (UHT). By this method, milk is heated quickly to 135-1400? and kept for 4 sec only. Then it is chilled quickly to room temperature. The whole process goes in the self-contained sterile system protecting milk from undesirable exposure. Before UHT processing, milk is homogenized (i.e. globules of fat are broken), due to this cream does not set.
UHT process and a modern convenient packaging Tetra Brick Aseptic (protecting efficiently against light, oxygen and bacteria) allow retaining the maximum of natural milk taste, colour and nutritional value WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES FOR SEVERAL MONTHS, EVEN IF STORED AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.
Ultrapasteurized milk «Savushkin» does not require boiling and is ideal both for children and adults.

Shelf life: 6 mounth at T (from +2 to +25) ??
Quantity in a packing case: 12 pieces

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