Dense yogurts
Yogurt with bifidobacteria «Optimal» with fruit filling
  • Fat content - 2%
  • Net weight - 120g, 350g
  • Packaging - plastic cup

Yogurt «Optimal» is a healthy delight for the whole family. It is enriched with live bifidobacteria that promote good digestion and metabolism, normalize intestinal microflora and boost the immune system as a whole. It contains slices of fruit and berries that provide a source of vitamins and microelements.

The product does not contact with the environment during production and packing, which ensures consistent quality without preservatives during the whole shelf life of the product.

Shelf life: 30 days at T (from 2 t? 6) °?
Fillings: blueberry-raspberry, peach, strawberry, prunes-cereals, pear-cereals, cranberry-wild strawberry
Quantity in a packing case: 12 pieces

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