About nectar
Peach nectar

Peaches contain a lot of organic acids: malic, tartaric, quinine and citric. Moreover, they are rich in essential oils, potassium and iron salts, vitamins C and vitamins of group B, carotene and pectin. Peach juice and nectar improve digestion. Vitamins contained in the peach help adapting to unfavorable environment conditions, which is especially important for the people subject to colds.

Black currant nectar

Even those ignorant in folk medicine, know about great benefits of black currant. It surpasses all other berries in quantity and concentration of vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances. Experts maintain that the black currant contains over 700 biologically active substances necessary for the body.

The black currant is a champion in the contents of the most powerful antioxidant — vitamin C (in this the currant rates only second after the hips). It has a lot of "youth vitamin" (vitamin ), necessary carotenoids and pectins essential for the gastrointestinal function. Potassium supports cardiovascular activity, iron is necessary for hemopoiesis. This list of valuable properties can be very long. In general, these and other biologically active substances ensures a broad-range treatment effect, including antimicrobial, vasohypotonic, hemopoietic, sudorific, antirheumatic, antifungal, vitaminizing, metabolism-improving action etc.

Cherry nectar

From times immemorial, cherry was used for treating different kidney and urinary bladder diseases, for treating gout and upset stomach. Everyone who cares about his/her health needs group B vitamins (they provide for harmonious nervous system activity, improve skin condition, strengthen hair and nails), vitamin A (necessary for eyes, strong bones and teeth), folic acid and iron (they normalize blood structure), vitamin C (it defends the body from viruses and infections, strengthens heart and blood vessels, prevents premature aging), all of these contained in the cherry. But the main benefit is large contents of coumarins indispensable for vitality. For this reason cherry is recommended to weak and convalescent people.

Cherries contain a favourable combination of easily assimilated mineral salts. Potassium, calcium and phosphorus salts necessary for everyone (and especially for children and adolescents) are especially valuable among them. Cherries also contain iron and microelements — zinc, cobalt, iodine etc. that are indispensable for normal development and vitality. Cherry and cherry juice are especially rich in copper and anticoagulants, which makes them essential for anemia treatment and prevention, first of all for adolescents and children, including babies.
Grape nectar

Grapes are rich source of vitamins A, C, 6, and minerals — K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium. It is considered that light and white grape juice fill up the organism iron maintenance what promotes weariness removal. The use of grape juice also provides the person with instant energy.

Grapes contain powerful antioxidants which promote delay of ageing process. Besides, the antioxidants which are present at grapes, stimulate immune system.
Apricot nectar
The apricot contains carotin, K, magnesium, vitamin 5, folic acid and phosphorus. Apricot juice and nectar promotes blood structure improvement, brain work activization, to deducing of superfluous water. Apricot juice/nectar is necessary at overfatigue and a breakdown, it also is useful at heart diseases.