About juice

Since times immemorial people have known that natural juices are extremely healthy and are often provide an irreplaceable source of vitamins, glucose, fructose and minerals. Non-clarified juice contains pectin that reduces cholesterol in blood and supports healthy digestive function.

Drinking juice is indeed vital for a person. Juice is low in calories and is easily assimilated by the body within 10 or 15 min.

Orange juice

Orange juice is not only rich in vitamin C but also contains many different minerals and antioxidants. Drinking orange juice every day, you will reduce the stomach, mouth and larynx cancer risk by 50%. Before going to the solarium or exposure to the — for example, on a beach — it is recommended to put orange juice on the skin. The harmful effect of sunrays will decrease significantly.

Pineapple juice

The pineapple juice contains a unique substance called bromeline that is a superior natural fat burner. Besides, this substance has a rejuvenating effect. They say Sofi Loren stays in perfect shape for so long because she drinks fresh pineapple juice every day. The pineapple juice has a beneficial effect on kidneys and liver. Doctors recommend drinking this juice if you have quinsy.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice will help losing weight. The thing is that it improves digestion and activates liverís function, which inhibits fat formation.

Drinking grapefruit juice regularly, you will reduce your cholesterol by 18%.

Grapefruit juice is a magnificent natural medicine for insomnia. The juice of this citrus fruit normalizes blood pressure, and also flushes excessive cholesterol from blood.

Apple juice

Apple juice is especially healthy for people of mental labour. American scientists from Massachusetts University have found out that apples and apple juice can help preserving clear mind in old age. The results have shown that the substances in apple juice can protect brain cells from the oxidant stress leading to loss of memory and intellect decrease.

Apple juice is recommended for people who often go down with flu or catch a cold and for those who suffer from headache.

Apple juice has a powerful cholerectic and diuretic effect and removes heavy metal salts and even radionuclides from the body.

Birch juice

Birch juice contains:

  • organic acids (they promote extraction of digestive juices and, therefore, good digestion);
  • calcium;
  • potassium (it participates in the protein and carbohydrate exchange and is necessary for normal muscle traction);
  • iron (lack of this substance can lead to anemia, i.e. organs and tissues do not receive enough oxygen);
  • glucose (its oxidation generate more than half of the energy spent by a healthy person);
  • phytoncides (the substance worked out by plants for microbial protection).

One glass of birch juice a day is said to eliminate sleepiness, fatigue and irritability.