Fruit juice «Nastoyashchi»
  • Net weight - 0,95l
  • Packaging - Tetra Brick Aseptic with Heli Cap
«Nastoyashchi» is the juice intended for people preferring healthy lifestyle and loving their family.
It is well known that natural juices are the healthiest. «Nastoyashchi» is just right kind of juice. It does not contain artificial preservatives, colourants and flavors. Moreover, fruit juice «Nastoyashchi» is sugar-free, so it is double healthy.
«Nastoyashchi» is a source of vitamins, fructose and minerals giving energy and preventing diseases.
Caring of its customers, Savushkin Product offers favourite flavours: apple, orange, multifruit, pineapple and grapefruit, so every adult and child can surely choose the juice they like.
Shelf life: 12 months at T (from 0 to +25oC) and relative humidity under 75%
Assortment: apple, orange, multifruit, grapefruit
Quantity in a packing case: 12 pieces

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