With this Manual of Cookery you will be able to cook daily a most delicious meal for which you will not have to spend a lot. This manual is especially convenient in that you will not have to think over every day what to cook for dinner. In it, meals are suggested for every single day throughout the week; here you will find delicious soups, sauces, roast meat, and cakes, — all cooked in the most efficient and sparing manner. Should you need to make pickled foods, various jellies or syrups, just have a look into this manual, and your desire will easily come true.

  • Russian pound — 409.5 grams
  • sturgeon glue — to prepare sturgeon glue, you need to take the head, tail, fins, all bones, and air vesicle of a sturgeon, pour a little water and boil down to thickening. After the glue cools down and dries out a little, cut it in strips, put into a can and store in a dry place
  • “vosmushka” (eighth part) — 1/8 of a pound, 51.2 grams
  • stiffly — hard-boiled
  • omentum — a part of the peritoneum from the stomach to the bottom part of the abdominal cavity rich in depot fat
  • “ploshka” — a flat vessel, a plate, or a saucer
Manual of Cookery