Social responsibility

Social responsibility of business is one of Savushkin Product’s basic priorities.
Taking care of Belarusian people, in 2005 Savushkin Product launched a large-scale project Savushkin Product for the Nation Health.The main objective was to promote healthy eating and to develop milk and dairy product consumption standards.

In 2006 at the professional contest "Brand of the Year" the company was awarded a golden medal in the nomination "Socially Responsible Brand". 

The project Montik the Best friend / School Milk became the logical continuation and development of the program «Savushkin Product — for the Nation’s Health».

In November 2006, Savushkin Product took part in the UN’s Global Compact, that already includes over 3 thousand leading companies from 85 countries. Participation in the Global Compact not only implies Savushkin Product’s adherence to the ten international principles in the field of human rights, employment relations, environmental protection and counteraction to corrupt practices, but also proves an openness and transparency of the business.


The basis of any company is its employees. That is why PJSC Savushkin Product takes care of each of them, providing not only comfortable working environment and professional growth opportunities, but granting significant social benefits, too. The company uses its best efforts to make veterans and retirees who have devoted many years of their lives to the company always feel an integral part of the large friendly team. 

The motto of the company’s employees is The good is multiplied by the good.

But the most important thing is that Savushkin Product’s employees work in the climate of love and warmth, which, doubtlessly, helps giving joy and health, creating natural, useful, delicious and varied products for the people.

That is why it is especially pleasant to win the recognition. In 2007 Aleksandr Vasilievich Savchits was awarded the order "A Star of Creation" in the nomination "For the Creative Work and Strengthening of Social Responsibility for Business Development Principles" of the National People’s Award. This is another confirmation of the high status of PJSC Savushkin Product as of the company operating according to the principles of openness and humanity.

In 2009 "Savushkin product" launched a new informational project Healthy nutrition school. 

Savushkin Product is always in contact with its customers. That`s why "Savushkin Product" has a hot line (toll-free for Belarus), and anyone can call and express their wishes or ask questions about the company’s products and activities.