The history of "Savushkin Product" (earlier — Brest Dairy Plant) dates back to the first half of the last century and reflects all the milestones in the countrys history.

Year 1939. After reunification of the western and eastern parts of Belarus, Brest Dairy Plant (it was a medium-sized company at that time) processed 7 tons of milk per shift. However, it was completely destroyed during the fascist occupation.

Year 1944. The Red Army liberated Brest, Brest Dairy Plant was restored by its employees and next January it started to produce dairy products again.

Year 1959. The Industrial Complex was built up anew. Now Ice-cream Manufacturing Company is located in its building.

Early 70s. In this time a decision was made to establish a modern dairy producing company in Brest. Its construction took 44 months: since May 1973 till December 1976. On December 30, 1976 new buildings of the dairy plant were commissioned. In two years, the company processed 560 tons of milk per day already.

Year 1978. Brest Dairy Plant was the first in BSSR to master the production of butter using a special continuous churning technology.  1978-1980.

Year 1982. The team of Brest Dairy Plant was awarded a challenge prize — the Red Banner of the USSR Ministry of Meat and Dairy Processing Industry and of the Central Trade Union Committee. The team became a winner in the All-Union Social Emulation and was awarded the 1st degree diploma according to the results of the All-Union Inspection of Sanitary and Maintenance Conditions.

Year 1994. State Company "Brest Dairy Plant" was transformed into a public joint-stock company, and 11 years later it was renamed into PJSC "Savushkin Product". 

At present, PJSC "Savushkin Product" is one of the best known in Belarus manufacturers of dairy products and  juices complying with the international standards ISO 9001-2001, HACCP, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.